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Aug 16, 2013
Posted Under: Foraker News

In 2008 we joined with the Rasmuson Foundation to launch a health benefit plan that was designed to create a healthier nonprofit sector in Alaska. We’re pleased that because of this program a number of Alaskans working in nonprofits can be covered by health insurance.

The Foraker Benefit Plan is now transitioning into a broader based program that will include nonprofit organizations and small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The reason this has occurred is due in large part to the Affordable Care Act. As part of the transition the name of the plan is changing to encompass this broader base. It is now known as the Alaska Small Business Wellness Program.

The elements of the Foraker plan that supported wellness will continue in the new program – as evidenced in its name. We’re proud of the hard work from many, along with Rasmuson’s financial support, that allowed the wellness initiatives to become an established part of the way we look at health coverage today. After five years of implementation, we know the wellness strategies work at controlling costs and creating a healthier work force. We consider that a significant accomplishment.

If you have questions about this transition or may be interested in becoming part of the program, please contact Rebecca Savidis at 907-743-1200, or email her at For more information on what this transition may mean to your coverage, please contact your insurance broker.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported the Foraker Benefit Plan over the past five years.